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Orthodontic (Patients with Braces) FAQs

Orthodontic (Patients with Braces) FAQs

If you are experiencing issues with your braces please refer to the Perfect Smile Caring for your braces instruction sheet that is provided at the start of your treatment.
One of my brackets has fallen off

If a bracket falls off, it will still move along the wire. This rarely causes pain and can be fixed at your next appointment. In the meantime, use disinfected tweezers to move the bracket along the wire so it sits in the most comfortable position.  This position is in most cases one where the bracket sits over the centre of your tooth and in a way that matches up with the brackets on the adjacent teeth. Another way to prevent discomfort is to place a small piece of wax over the bracket to prevent any irritation of the cheek and lips.

I have an ulcer in my mouth

Unfortunately, it’s common for people with braces to get ulcers or cuts in their mouth. If you are experiencing irritation, use a small amount of orthodontic wax to ease the discomfort. You can also rinse your mouth with salt-water to soothe the pain and heal the sore.

I’ve run out of elastics, can I get some more?

Contact the clinic if you have lost your elastics and don’t wait till the next appointment to obtain more.  If you finished using the allocated elastics and are unsure if more is required, please contact the clinic.   

Never wear more elastics than what has been asked.

I’ve run out of wax, can I get some more?

Contact the clinic if you have lost your orthodontic wax to obtain a replacement.  Orthodontic wax should be used primarily at the start of treatment to cushion your lips and cheeks into getting used to the braces.  In order to prevent the inconvenience of constantly placing wax throughout the entire course of treatment we encourage our patients to use orthodontic wax only when needed for the first month of treatment.

Will this closure delay my treatment?

In the majority of orthodontic cases the treatment outcome will not see any negative impact due to this situation albeit for a delay in the finishing time. Our dentists are working behind the scenes to review each and every patient remotely to assess if an appointment is required for critical orthodontic adjustments.  Should this be the case we will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time to do so.

How do I clean my retainers, aligners or other orthodontic appliances?

Your dentist will have given you personalised instructions on how to clean your retainer or aligner.

However as a general protocol we recommend the following;

  • Give your teeth a good clean or at least a thorough rinse after eating before placing the appliance back into your mouth.
  • Give your appliance a proper clean at least once a day by brushing it thoroughly under warm running water.  We prefer soft bristled toothbrushes with a small amount of hand soap if needed. Please avoid using tooth paste.
  • Avoid hot water as this may warp the plastic materials.
  • Soaking the retainer in an anti-bacterial denture solution weekly can help maintain its freshness and kill bacteria.