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Smile Tru

Did you know?

The positioners may have a mild affect on speech. Talking with the positioners in place will speed the adaptation process.

Smile Tru is a progressive clear aligner orthodontic system that acts as a fantastic alternative to braces by straightening teeth through the use of custom-made transparent positioners.

At Perfect Smile, we offer the latest technology and best orthodontist services in Adelaide, which is why we have a variety of treatment options for you to choose from.

The thin positioners are virtually undetectable to the naked eye whilst they fit tightly on the teeth, aligning them to the desired site.

The beauty of clear aligners is the convenience of comfort and removability, allowing easy brushing and flossing during the course of your orthodontic treatment.

Smile Tru positioners need to be worn full time and only removed by the patient when eating and cleaning. As full-time compliance and the proper usage of the positioners are key to success, regular reviews at approximately 4-6 week intervals are conducted to ensure that treatment is tracking well.

The process begins with a consultation to ensure that Smile Tru is appropriate for the patient before 3D scans are taken to allow for treatment planning and fabrication of a virtual mock-up of the expected finish. This allows patients to see the finished result before starting treatment and establishes an accurate treatment time.

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