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Functional Appliances

Did you know?

The tongue is adult size by the age of 8 years.

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy involves the management of habits and muscle patterns which are damaging to proper facial development. This includes thumb sucking and muscle patterns such as tongue thrusting whilst swallowing. This is an orthodontic service that is extremely important and should be considered as part of a treatment plan if necessary.

As a result of these poor habits and muscle patterns, constant forces are placed on structures in the mouth and jaw which negatively influences;

  • The shape of our upper and lower jaws
  • The facial profile
  • The alignment of teeth resulting in a poor bite
  • Speech

Myofunctional therapy comes in a vast array of treatment options ranging from prescribed exercises to the use of removable or fixed orthodontic plates as well as Myobraces.

A full dental and orthodontic examination at Perfect Smile is a great starting point to assess whether Myofunctional therapy would be beneficial for the patient.

Orthodontic Plates

‘Plates’ as they are often known as can come in both removable or fixed forms and if required are prescribed from 7 years of age. These functional appliances work independently or in tandem with braces and clear aligners to help achieve the most stable and aesthetic orthodontic result.

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