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Braces – Metal and Ceramic

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Did you know?

Braces Do Not:

  • Pick up radio waves
  • Attract Lightning
  • Attract Magnets
  • Set off metal detectors

Metal braces and the now more discrete ceramic braces are a tried and tested approach in teeth straightening and bite correction.

We know that a good orthodontist can make all the difference, which is why we offer this service to Adelaide.

Braces are undeniably effective in treating complex orthodontic problems and often can accomplish this in reasonable time with the latest technology available at Perfect Smile.

With braces, teeth are guided into position through the interaction between the wires and attached orthodontic brackets. By this approach, patients do not need to constantly remind themselves to wear their clear aligners or orthodontic plates after eating and brushing. This ensures that treatment progresses smoothly without the inconvenience of non-compliance.

The process begins with a consultation at Perfect Smile to understand the nature and severity of the orthodontic problem before the commencement of treatment planning.

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