Holistic Approach

At Perfect Smile in Adelaide, we offer holistic dental treatments for the whole family.

As more people become aware of the links between oral health and overall health, holistic dentistry is now becoming more main-stream as a method in which to offer total dental care. As such, at Perfect Smile, we adhere to codes of conduct that care for and protect the oral and overall health of our patients.

The mouth is the gateway for all diseases

Research has confirmed that there is indeed a link between the mouth and the body, meaning that the condition of your oral health is intricately linked to the health of your entire body. Studies show that oral hygiene has been linked to various forms of systemic conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart failure, heart attacks and obesity. The two primary causes are plaque and inflammation. Periodontitis, which is an inflammatory infection of the gums, has been linked to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and premature births. If you are diabetic, a mouth infection can disrupt your blood-sugar levels and make your diabetes harder to manage.

As a result of understanding and appreciating this insightful knowledge, we ensure we consider the following, in addition to your oral health:

  • Nutrition and dietary needs
  • Body structure and the needs of your particular body
  • Strength of your immune system

Utilising advanced techniques, treatments and equipment to a holistic approach to dentistry

Using the most advanced techniques and equipment, we take a holistic approach to offer the highest quality in dental care as we recognise the need to provide treatment that does not compromise the total wellbeing of our patients. Dental intervention is at its most effective when all factors of the body are taken in to account and carefully assessed.  Upon assessing these aspects during treatment, we will determine which methods and dental techniques and treatments are the most suitable options for you.

The benefits of holistic dentistry

With a holistic view that appreciates the strong connection between oral health and the health of your body, you can look forward to feeling confident that we will only offer the most appropriate treatments that compliment your entire body for optimal overall health and wellbeing.

Holistic dentistry assures safety

At Perfect Smile we have advocated the use of resin and ceramic restorations to replace lost tooth structure since 1986, the year Dr Henbest placed his last amalgam filling. These materials work with your body, rather than against it. If you currently have silver or grey amalgam fillings in your teeth then here at Perfect Smile we can safely remove these and replace then with tooth coloured composite resin. The controversial and often debated topic in the dental industry is that of the toxicity in mercury fillings and its long-term ill effects on the body. Due to the toxic nature of mercury in amalgam fillings it is extremely important that you seek dental treatment that avoids the use of amalgam.  Composite resin, and where appropriate ceramic restorations, will replace your amalgam fillings to provide an attractive, durable, stronger, longer lasting and most importantly 100% mercury free solution to protect your teeth.