Minor to Major Orthodontic Alignment

We care about the development of your jaw and teeth and want to ensure you benefit from a straight smile, which is why we offer orthodontic services here at Perfect Smile in Adelaide.

Dr Rueben Tzeng has completed a significant amount of post graduate orthodontic training through private teaching institutions both in Australia and overseas and has experience in performing the majority of orthodontic treatment available today.
Dr Nick Jackman, Dr Gabrielle Klingberg and Dr Jamie Jackson are accredited providers of Invisalign and Smile Tru clear aligner systems.
As a cosmetic practice we work closely with the local orthodontsts whom we refer our patients to for orthodontic treatment outside our scope of post graduate training.

Small corrections can solve big dental problems. With some simple corrective orthodontic treatments, we can often reduce the need for major orthodontic work. If you have mild to moderate crowding or protrusion of your front teeth you may well be a suitable candidate for treatment using the Inman Aligner treatment or the Invisalign treatment. For more challenging cases traditional braces may be considered. We can offer metal or ceramic (tooth coloured) brackets and wires.

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