Crowns and Bridges

At Perfect Smile in Adelaide we can restore your cracked, chipped, discoloured or missing teeth back to full health with our restorative dental treatments.

Restoring your missing tooth or teeth can help you regain your confidence and improve your oral and general health.

The importance of replacing missing teeth

Aesthetics aside, single tooth loss can have a dramatic influence on your oral and overall health as each tooth plays a highly important role in both.  The loss of one tooth can cause your existing teeth to move from position, leading to aesthetic concerns and even a distorted bite. A distorted bite can cause a host of other unpleasant symptoms associated with a dental condition known as TMD which includes severe migraines and jaw pain. In addition, your missing tooth will cause bone loss allowing adjacent teeth to collapse into the space and opposing teeth to over erupt.  The sooner such problems are addressed the better.  As time passes the situation worsens.

After a full mouth examination here at Perfect Smile, we can determine which treatment plan is best suited to your individual circumstances and dental requirements. While each patient has different needs and concerns, we find that crowns and bridges are often a suitable treatment to restore missing teeth to improve your overall health and appearance.  However implants are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice (for missing teeth) and there is always the now less favoured partial denture.

Dental crowns for function, appearance and protection

If you are suffering from cracked, chipped, discoloured or missing teeth a crown may be the solution for you. A crown, also known as a cap, is a full tooth cover restoration that is placed over a cracked, broken, discoloured, or a heavily filled tooth to protect the tooth against further fracture. Crowns are routinely placed over root canal (endodontically) treated molar teeth. Crowns are similar in shape and shade to dental veneers except that crowns cover all the surfaces of a tooth while veneers only cover the visible front surface of the tooth. In between both we now have Creneers which are becoming the favoured conservative design.

At Perfect Smile we can determine if a crown is the most suitable dental treatment for you based on a number of indications. These include:

  • Discoloured teeth
  • Root canal (endodontically) treated teeth
  • Heavily restored teeth
  • Teeth in traumatically grinding occlusion
  • For cosmetic purposes, people who have large mismatched fillings on their front teeth may choose crowns to improve their smile.

Dental bridges to restore more than one missing tooth

Alternatively if you are missing more than one tooth Dental bridges can be a more suitable option. Particularly if the teeth on either side of the gap are heavily filled, but if the adjacent teeth are unfilled or conservatively restored then an implant is the choice to fill the gap leaving the adjacent teeth intact. Dental bridges are essentially three crowns that have been fused together. The teeth that are located on either side of the site of tooth loss are prepared for dental crowns, and the dental bridge is anchored to these teeth to ‘bridge the gap’.