General Dentistry

At Perfect Smile in Adelaide, we want you to keep your natural teeth for life, and attending general dental appointments every six months can help you achieve the brightest, healthiest smile possible.

Our caring and compassionate professional team of dentists, oral health therapists and hygienists are here to ensure each and every patient receives the quality dental care they need and deserve. The Perfect Smile team upholds only the highest standards in dental care. With years of experience and training behind them, you can feel assured that they have the expertise at hand to provide the very best advice and to treat with you with quality care you require.

At Perfect Smile our dentists are highly skilled in all facets of general dentistry so you can be sure that every aspect of your treatment will be managed with care and compassion.  Our general dentistry treatments include:

We recognise that every patient has different requirements. As such, your treatment plan will be tailored to suit your needs, lifestyle and preferences. Your appointments can be scheduled at your convenience. Some patients like to have many short appointments while others prefer a few longer appointments. We will accommodate your requests whenever possible.