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At Perfect Smile we provide Smile Tru Adelaide

Perfect Smile are experts when it comes to straightening teeth discretely. Smile Tru Adelaide is the best alternative to metal braces, as they are non-intrusive and convenient for the patient. Smile Tru Adelaide is the best solution if you desire straight teeth without interfering with your social or professional life. Perfect Smile is located at 50 Hutt Street, Adelaide and are open between 8.30am and 5pm, between Monday to Friday. The team at Perfect Smile are experts in their field and are recognised dentists, hygienists and oral health therapists in amongst the profession. The lead dentist, Dr Laurence Henburst, studied at the university of Adelaide and has been practicing dentistry privately since. All of our team have the ability to help you in regards to Smile Tru and we will seek to inform you though every step of the way. We want you to enjoy the confidence of a straight smile.


Be more confident with Smile Tru Adelaide

Perfect Smile understand that having straight teeth can be beneficial for your confidence and overall oral health. Smile Tru Adelaide will be able to provide you with straight teeth, without the inconvenience of metal braces. After your first consultation at Perfect Smile, we will be able to develop your Smile Tru aligner with the latest in digital production methods. Our 3D printer will be able to develop transparent aligners for your teeth and can be developed in short space of time. Once fitted, each of the alginers will be able to move the tooth up to 0.3mm and approximately 2 degrees in angulation. The positioners can be developed on a three month basis, allowing for the dentist to assess the progress of the treatment. Adjustments can be easily developed by taking newer impressions, thus saving you time and money. Each individual case requires a certain amount of new aligners. Through Smile Tru Adelaide we will be able to provide you with a beautiful, straight smile.

Perfect Smile are experts at providing Smile Tru Adelaide

The benefit of Smile Tru Adelaide is that you have the ability to remove your aligner at any given time, whether it be to eat or have a photo taken for a special occasion. Smile Tru Adelaide allow for you to clean and floss your teeth normally, which also allows for maintenance in terms of oral health care. Our services are completely holistic and allow for you body to have overall well being. This means that you wont be expose to toxins or materials that are not well suited to the human body. Perfect Smile will provide you with the best overall service in terms of Smile Tru Adelaide and our dedicated team will ensure that you understand the entire process before you begin.

Perfect smile offers a huge range of dental services and have the ability to provide Smile Tru to those patients who desire a non-invasive method of teeth straightening.

To organise an appointment with our team at Perfect Smile, please call us on (08) 8210 9414 or send us a message on our website at http://www.perfectsmile.com.au/contact.