Dental Implants Adelaide at Perfect Smile

Improve Your Overall Health with Dental Implants Adelaide

There are a number of adverse effects that stem from having a missing tooth. A missing tooth should be replaced to avoid the domino effect on other teeth. If left untreated, movement can occur on adjacent teeth which can be difficult to correct. The team at Perfect Smile are here to take care of any dental concerns that you may have. Perfect Smile offer dental implants Adelaide to replace lost teeth to restore function and aesthetics. For more information, call us on 08 8210 9414 to book an appointment.

Dental Implants Adelaide

Restore your Healthy Smile with Dental Implants Adelaide

The loss of a tooth can affect your overall wellbeing. Tooth loss can have an impact on your digestive system, not being able to chew your food properly can lead to gastrointestinal disorders and disease. Thankfully, the team at Perfect Smile have provided multiple patients with dental implants Adelaide. Dental implants Adelaide can significantly improve the health and wellbeing of patients. Implants provide a strong, durable and stable foundation for your dentures, ultimately providing patients with a stronger, more confident smile. If you’re interested in Perfect Smile’s range of dental treatments, call today and book your first appointment.

An Insight into Perfect Smile’s Dental Implants Adelaide Process

Our dentists’ can help patients who have difficulty eating and talking due to a lost tooth. Dental implants Adelaide is essentially an artificial root made of titanium which is surgically placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. The first step involves a radiographic examination, followed by a discussion and provision of treatment options and associated costs. You may then be referred to an oral surgeon or one of our dentists may place your implant here at our practice. After surgery a provisional prosthesis will be placed so you can eat and smile. Once recovery and healing has taken place and the implant has osseointegrated with the jawbone, your final prosthesis, in the form of a crown, bridge or denture will be created.

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Here at Perfect Smile, you will be taken care of from beginning until end of your dental implants Adelaide procedure. To see all our dental services, check our website at or call us on 8210 9414.